New Love at The Gentle Barn

New Love at The Gentle Barn

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New Love at The Gentle Barn

By Ellie Laks
Founder, The Gentle Barn

Animals fall in love just as deeply as we do, and we have many couples at The Gentle Barn. Our turkey Sunloves our goat Gus and the two of them cuddle for hours each day. Our mommy piggy Menorah didn’t like Honey Bear initially but now has a huge crush on him and she even sleeps in his room at night after putting her little ones to bed. Our sheep Bull Sheep and Darling have been an item for years, eating, playing, and napping together. Over the years we’ve had turkey couples, chicken couples, and cows mated for life, all loving each other just like we do. They go on dates, protect one another, and show affection. The urge to socialize, fall in love, and become a family is universal.

We have recently welcomed in a new horse and have a new royal couple. Thor was older in age and had health issues that were too much for his owner to handle. We welcomed him into The Gentle Barn to receive the right medication, corrective hoof trimming, proper dental care, acupuncture, massage therapy, sports medicine therapy, energy healing, and nutritional supplements to restore him to health and wellness. We put him in the stall next to our horse Hiroka (a.k.a. Hero) who also is older and has health challenges. We knew they would be kind to one another because they are both very submissive and humble, but we were delighted when they fell in love.

Thor and Hero go outside to pasture together now, spend time each day standing face to face in quiet conversation, and even groom one another. Hero had to go to the hospital the other day for a procedure and Thor was beside himself until she returned. Thor raced in circles and called out loudly until she was in her bedroom safely next to his once again. The amazing thing is that during her 12 years with us, Hero has had six mates who partnered with her. Each mate was as devoted as the one before, and she loved each one with her entire heart. When one passed away Hero would take her time to grieve and then fall in love with another. Thor is her seventh partner!

I call Hiroka “Hero” for short because she is a true hero and everything I want to be when I grow up. She is always grateful and never holds on to her past traumas. She is always happy, seeing the joy but never the complaints. And no matter how many times she has lost, she is always open to love again and again and again. Take it from Hero this year for Valentine’s Day, if you have a partner, love and appreciate them, and if you don’t, open yourself up to finding love when you least expect it. We are all loveable and have something extraordinary to offer the other person!

All that ever matters is love!